Over the years we have had the pleasure of receiving several awards for, in turn,
– The quality that characterises our Parmigiano Reggiano
– The entrepreneurial spirit that has allowed us to overcome difficulties and challenges, without ever departing from the cheese-making tradition of the land in which we live, and has led to our dairy being appreciated and well-known
– Finally, the attention that we always paid to the technology that helps us to maintain a high level of productivity, with an eye to protecting the environment and saving energy:

  • 1998 “MATRICOLA D’ORO” (Plaque that honours our dairy identified by the number 180)
  • 1999 1st place in the “THE CALDERA” trophy
  • 2006LA GROLLA D’ORO” trophy (Saint Vincent – Aosta) – best Italian cheese with the National Parmigiano Reggiano
  • 2009 finalist with the “OSCAR GREEN – GIOVANI IMPRESA” award in the ” local development “category
  • 2014 June – 1st place “PALIO DEL RE
  • 2014 June – 1st place “IV PALIO DELLA CULLA
  • September 20151st place “Concorso di analisi sensoriale dei formaggi D.O.P. GRANA PADANO E PARMIGIANO REGGIANO“ LUIGI ZANARDI