The history of our farm dates back to 1940, when the present owner’s grandfather, Ugo Scalabrini, moved to the uncultivated, wild lands of “Ghiardo” in Bibbiano (RE) to establish the foundations of a modern farm. On his death, his son Ennio, continued the work of reclaiming the land with tenacity and determination and managed to cultivate forage for feeding dairy cows; in 1963, in fact, the first modern cowshed was constructed for 50 cows whose milk was always processed to make Parmigiano Reggiano, in cooperative dairies of which Ennio became president.

The birth of Ugo and Bruno, the current owners, and their decision to dedicate themselves to the aforementioned agricultural activity, provided the impetus for constant and methodical expansion over time in terms of the agricultural area of ​​land to be cultivated and the number of livestock to be reared in the numerous cowsheds.

Beyond that, it gave impetus to the direct sale of farm products, through the opening of a retail outlet in 1999 and in 2005 the farm diary was officially opened, thus realising the dream of Ennio who died in 1998.

Today, the Scalabrini farm covers 300 hectares of land and has about 850 head of dairy cows, with an annual output of about 6,000 Parmigiano Reggiano. The one thing that has never changed over the entire time span, a little less than a century, is the “family nature” of the business management; today, as in the past, all the work is managed personally by the brothers Hugo and Bruno, who, together with their mother, Diana, the wife of one of them, Anna, and a dozen employees personally oversee the entire “supply chain” of Parmigiano Reggiano produced on site.