Since 1999 our company has been an “educational farm” credited by the province of Reggio Emilia and included in the relevant teaching circuit.  We have since received thousands of children in our facility, from pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, as well as institutions of higher education, with visits aimed at the completion of targeted educational projects or for deepening knowledge of agricultural and food issues.

Fields with a good taste of cheese“- A focus on the phases of the production cycle of Parmigiano Reggiano:

  1. Grass meadows, alfalfa and organic fodder production
  2. Rearing dairy cows
  3. Milk production and processing
  4. Cheese: from the dairy to maturing.
  5. Small cheese-making workshops

Experience with the elderly who live in the nursing homes of the “RE.TE.” circuit of Reggio Emilia is extremely important; they were hosted on our premises, in turn, and were able to remember their past, mostly bound to the land, revisiting the course of their lives and bringing to light ancient crafts.

Two publications, written by ANNAMARIA GOZZI AND MONICA MORINIA, are evidence of our commitment to caring for our agricultural origins:

  • A SEMINAR MEMORIE” [Seminar Memories] (2008) in which the objects brought by the children of the Primary School of Cavriago (RE) evoked situations and memories of youth in the elders of the Nursing Home of the same town; the two generations, hugging each other in a way that transcends age and knowledge, experienced the lives of the “filos” in the room that was set up like an old cowshed.
  • STORIE DI PANE E DI ACQUA” [Stories of Bread and Water] (2010) in which the children of the Primary School of Bibbiano (RE) and the elders of the nursing home of the same town met and went on an imaginary journey during which they shared bread, memories, years, manual work and the pleasure of a story.

We are convinced that it is our duty to continue the work of handing down and making known the history, the life and the passion that bind our family to the land that we work, we are also committed to opening up the farm to tourists, visitors, families and the curious who have a desire to know and understand everything that lies behind the small flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano (of course after booking by telephone).

The beautiful experience of the “Theatre at the Farm” produced by Teatro dell’Orsa (RE) in 2007.