Grandi Forniture

Parmigiano Reggiano, a speciality that unites the whole world

Our company caters to all restaurateurs, importers and traders operating outside of Italy but wanting to buy or market our Parmigiano Reggiano, which, here in Italy, we call the king of the table.

We can supply our own Parmigiano Reggiano (mat. 180/Re) to wholesalers, traders and restaurateurs, offering an advantageous service and sales conditions appropriate to the request. Interested parties should contact our sales department directly or fill in the following form, making sure that their details are entered correctly.

Supplies for community buying groups

Our company has joined the Mercato Etico (“Ethical Market”) project.

Mercato Etico is a software application that facilitates the collection of orders from community buying groups, simplifying the work for both us suppliers and the contact person of the community buying group. But not only! Mercato Etico is a constantly expanding platform, with numerous organic suppliers already sharing its principles, and, therefore, community buying groups are free to use it with other producers too.

Mercato Etico is a project we believe in because:

  • The system allows you to place orders quickly and easily. Each member of the community buying group has a personal panel at his disposal and can order in total autonomy.
  • In no way does it lengthen the supply chain: the platform was created to manage orders only, not payments, and, therefore, does not carry out any intermediation between the community buying group and the supplier.
  • Nothing changes in our relationship regarding payment and delivery methods, which will continue as always. For community buying groups, Mercato Etico is a completely free tool to use.