The cradle

Bibbiano la Culla” is the brand carried proudly by 6 dairies producing Parmigiano Reggiano located in the municipality of Bibbiano (RE), including ours.  On 30 July 2008, the mayor of Bibbiano, along with six representatives of many local dairies and those of Federazione Coldiretti e C.N.A., founded a special consortium for promoting and marketing the famous cheese that would bear witness to the inseparable connection between the product and the land, with its history and its popular culture. Every single cheese we produce is the “sum” of tradition, agriculture, history (from Matilda of Canossa onwards) and genuine dedication to the ancient “cheese-making” craft, which distinguishes our land.

Whoever buys even one single piece of “La Culla” brand Parmigiano Reggiano, knows that they are going to share a thousand years of experience in quality cheese-making that is recognised universally.