Grandi Forniture

Parmigiano Reggiano, a specialty that brings the whole world together

Our company caters to all restaurateurs, importers, and traders operating outside of Italy but who wish to purchase or market our Parmigiano Reggiano, offering them the opportunity to buy what is defined by all as the king of the table.

We are available to supply our own production of Parmigiano Reggiano (mat. 180/Re) to wholesalers, traders, restaurateurs, in order to provide a better service, as well as sales conditions appropriate to the type of request. We invite interested parties to contact our sales office directly or to fill out the following form ensuring that the data entered is correct.


Fonriture for G.A.S.

Our Company has joined the Mercato Etico project.

Mercato Etico is a software that facilitates the collection of orders from G.A.S.: it simplifies the work for both us as suppliers and the reference person of the solidarity purchasing group. But that's not all! Mercato Etico is an expanding platform, with numerous organic suppliers who share its principles, the G.A.S. is therefore free to use it with other producers as well.

MercatoEtico is a project we believe in because:

  • The system allows orders to be placed simply and quickly. Each member of the G.A.S. has a personal panel and orders autonomously.
  • It does not lengthen the supply chain in any way: the platform was created to manage only orders, not payments, and therefore does not act as an intermediary between G.A.S. and supplier.
  • Nothing changes in our relationship regarding payment and delivery methods, which will continue as usual. For Solidarity Purchasing Groups, Mercato Etico is a completely free tool.