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Organic Linden Honey

Price €5.20

Harvested in early summer. Absolutely the most fragrant honey. It has a pearly colour, which can vary from yellow to white, and a characteristic mentholated balsamic scent, with notes of chamomile flowers. Excellent for breakfast, and for...

Organic Wildflower Honey - 400 g

Price €10.00

Generally crystallized, and perfect for breakfast or for herbal teas and infusions. Varies in colour, from light to dark, and in natural aroma and flavour, from floral to fruity. This is its distinguishing trait: wildflower honey always has a...

Organic Acacia Honey

Price €9.50

Robinia pseudoacacia. Of liquid consistency and almost crystal-clear transparency. Harvested in late spring. Its flavour is very delicate, reminiscent of almonds and vanilla, making this honey perfect for sweetening teas and infusions, as well...

Organic Chestnut Honey - 250 g

Price €7.80

Castanea sativa. For this chestnut honey, we seasonally migrate the bees from Traversetolo to Pianadetto, in the area of Monchio delle Corti and the 'Park of the Hundred Lakes', to shelter them from the heat of the plain. Liquid, with very slow...

Organic Bastard Indigobush Honey - 250 g

Price €7.80

Amorpha fruticosa. Harvested in between spring and summer. It has a light yellow colour, with pink reflections. It has a very delicate flavour, with notes of fruit, well-suited to sweetening fruit salads and herbal teas and infusions. It tends...