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Organic Linden Honey

Price €5.20

It is harvested at the beginning of the summer and it is the most-scented honey of all. Of pearl colour, swinging from yellow to white, it has a balsamic aroma, with some chamomile notes. Optimal at breakfast and coupled with goat cheeses. It...

Ailanthus Organic Honey- 250 gr

Price €6.50

Ailanthus altissima. Harvested in the last months of spring, between the florescence of Lindens and Indigos. Of a pearl-yellow colour, its flavour reminds those of the peach  tea and Muscat vine. It will tend to a natural crystallisation. 

Organic Millefiori Honey- 250 gr

Price €6.80

Usually employed in breakfasts and infusions, its flavours (fruity or floral) and colours (more or less dark) can variate greatly from one year to the other, depending from the surrounding plantations and seasons. 

Organic Acacia Honey

Price €16.40

Robinia pseudoacacia. Mostly liquid, and of a almost cristalline consistency. It is harvested in the last months of spring, its flavour is highly delicate, with reminiscences of almonds and vanilla. Thus, this honey is aptly coupled with...

Organic Chestnut Honey - 250 gr

Price €6.80

Castanea sativa. In order to create this honey, bees do the transhumance from Traversetolo to Pianadetto “Monchio delle Corti”, within the Park of "Cento Laghi", sheltered from the heat of the plains. Mostly liquid, it shows a slow...

Miele biologico di Indaco Bastardo - 250 gr

Price €7.20

Amorpha fruticosa. Harvested between spring and summer, this honey is light yellow, with some pink shades. Its flavour is delicate, with some fruit notes, perfect to accompany sweeten fruit salads or infusions. It will tend to a natural...