Cherry Jam - Compote with Cane Sugar ? Fattoria Scalabrini

Cherry Compote - 345 g


The cherries for this jam come from orchards in Alba, Langhe and Roero. They are carefully harvested by hand at different moments during the season, in order to respect the natural ripeness of the fruit.


This is a classic fruit preserve that reminds us of the one prepared for us by our grandmothers. The fruit is preserved via the classic, open-air method that has been used since ancient times. After being carefully cleaned and washed, the fruit is simply cooked in a pot with the sole addition of a little cane sugar. Thus we obtain a preserve that exalts the full flavour of its fruit, and has all the qualities of the best home-made recipe. All this is guaranteed by the quantity of fruit used. For the production of 100 grams of preserve, 160 grams of fresh, succulent cherries are used. Excellent on freshly toasted bread, and with alpine butter. Perfect for a rich and healthy breakfast, or a welcome snack!

Ingredients: cherries, cane sugar


Bread, butter, Ricotta

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