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Muscat Jam - 100 g


100g jar. A delicious jam to pair with aged cheeses, to amaze your guests with a splendidly sweet end to the perfect meal.


The Italian region of Lunigiana is an almost uncontaminated landscape, with the majority of the territory devoid of industrialization, and replete with woods and farmland. The local population has always worked hard to safeguard nature and the products of the land, and extraordinary recipes using these products have been handed down through the generations, and jealously guarded by families. These jams and preserves come from over 40 years of research and passion aimed at improving on and sharing those small, simple secrets that give rise to authentic products that we like to think are very different from many others of their kind. Nothing is forced, or goes against nature. All the ingredients and our cooking methods have been perfected over time, so that taste and consistency are achieved without the need for preservatives or thickeners, leaving the nature of the product entirely intact.


70.3% Muscat white wine, 27.2% sugar, 0.7% lemon peel, 0.7% orange peel, 0.2% organic natural flavourings, 0.9% organic agar.


Pairing with aged cheeses exalts the flavours of both the preserves and cheeses themselves, transforming a cheese platter into a splendidly sweet end to a perfect meal. To better appreciate and balance the flavours, we recommend wines such as Passito di Pantelleria, Vin Santo, Lacrima Christi, Moscati, a Port, or any full-bodied red wine of late harvest.
Cheese platters, liqueur wines, raisin wines, Port, Parmigiano 36/60 months.

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