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Nocino Reserve - 700 ml

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Obtained from infusions aged for 3 years, and kept in the typical drop-shaped bottle.


Bottled for the first time in 1989, with the aim of creating a superior walnut liqueur, aimed at a particularly attentive consumer, able to discover and appreciate the intensity of the unique sensations encapsulated in its intense golden amber-colouration and aromas of walnut and spices. Only from a harmonious combination of the best infusions and ageing for at least 36 months is this sought-after balance of character achieved in this Reserve.

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Ingredients: walnut husks, alcohol, sugar, spices. Main steps in the preparation of Nocino: infusion of walnut husks in alcohol, pressing, and ageing of the infusion. Organoleptic profile: intense golden amber colour, marked walnut aroma, intensely pleasant, persistent and balanced walnut bouquet and flavour, alcoholic strength 42% by volume, ageing of a minimum of 36 months.


Ice-cream, coffee

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Nocino riserva - 700 ml
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buon nocino
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