Orange Compote - 110 g

Orange Compote - 110 g


Orange compote, full of flavourwith85% oranges,that is,110g of oranges for100g of product,and a littlecane sugar.


The fruit is preserved via the classic, open-air method that has been used since ancient times. After careful cleaning and washing, the fruit is simply cooked in a pot with the sole addition of a little cane sugar. This results in a product that exalts the full flavour of the fruit used, and has all the qualities of the best home-made recipe. For the production of 100 grams of preserve, 155 grams of succulent figs are used.

Excellent paired with freshly toasted bread, and with alpine butter. Perfect for a rich and healthy breakfast, or a welcome snack. Excellent with blue cheeses and with aged and spicy Pecorino cheeses.

Ingredients: oranges, cane sugar


Bread, butter, blue cheeses, aged Pecorino, spicy Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano 24/36 months

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